Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 recap

Hello 2016! 
New year. New chances. New opportunities. Old me.

2015 was awesome. I've traveled, I've grown as a human being and learned to love myself, I've became a joyful person, I've met some awesome people, I partied like crazy and I have bought some awesome clothes and lipsticks.
Thanks for reading me in 2015, I love every one of you! :)

In this post you are able to see all outfits from my blog in 2015. 
Which one was your favorite? :)

5. Zippers

11. Red dress

14. Colors

20. Lace
21. The hat

My most worn color in 2015: black and army green
My favorite outfit post from 2015: Green as envy

My favorite beauty post in 2015: Essence LE: Merry Berry
My favorite nail polish in 2015: Essie- In The Lobby
My favorite shade of lipstick in 2015: dark red

My goal for 2016:
It's season of no regrets and time to go all out. I will write my degree and I really want to concentrate more on my blog. In the past year I didn't post as much as I would want to, so that really has to change. 
If there's something you'd like to read from me let me know. :)

Slovenski bralci: ostaja seznam blogerjev, na katerem lahko najdete tudi mene. Za podporo vsem slovenskim blogerjem pa pritisnite like strani SBS - Slovenska blogerska skupnost na Facebooku in spremljajte vsakodnevne objave slovenskih blogerjev. :)

Happy new year.


  1. Hi,Happy New Year !
    My favorite one is "In the air",really basic and I love black outfits.
    Wish you all the best in 2016.,I follow your blog xx

  2. Super objava, super outfiti ! :) številka 11 je <3


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