Friday, October 30, 2015

Lipstick review (Primark) + outfit update

Hello my little penguins!

Today I've decided for a bit different post. I really wanted to do an outfit post today, but the lightning and weather weren't on my side... that's why I decided to do a review of a lipstick that I wore today and include some pictures with my outfit. :)

Danes sem se odločila za malo drugačno objavo. Zelo sem si želela posneti nekaj fotografij v mojem današnjem outfitu, vendar mi svetloba in vreme danes nikakor nista bila naklonjena... zato sem se odločila, da bom naredila objavo v kateri bom vključila oceno šminke in dodala nekaj fotografij outfita. :)

This is the lipstick that I bought in Primark. When I first saw it I instantly want it, because I really adore dark red lipsticks lately. It only costs 1,50 €, so I don't even have to tell you that it was in my shopping basket in like 3 seconds, hihi. Because of the low price I didn't expect too much from it. Well, lipstick is actually really long lasting. You can eat and drink with it and it would go away for only a bit. Some of the most expensive lipstick have gone away faster than this one. Although the lipstick is long lasting it removes very fast. If you wipe it off with a tissue it will be gone in a minute. :)

Objava bo potekala o šminki, ki sem jo kupila v Primarku. Takoj, ko sem zagledala temno rdečo šminko sem si jo zaželela... in zaradi smešne cene (1,50 €) je seveda takoj pristala v moji nakupovalni košari. Zaradi nizke cene šminke nisem pričakovala preveč od nje. Šminka me je zelo presenetila, saj je njena obstojnost zelo dobra. S šminko lahko ješ in piješ in tvojih ustnic skorajda ne bo zapustila. Pripomniti moram, da je nekaj šmink, ki so bile višjega cenovnega ranga iz mojih ustnic zbledelo hitreje. Kljub svoji obstojnosti je odstranjevanje šminke zelo enostavno - zbrišeš jo z robčkom in na tvojih ustnicah ni nikakršne sledi. :)

The package of the lipstick is plastic and at the end of the bottle the package is transparent with a color of lipstick that it's inside. Lipstick was also wrapped into something more plastic when I bought it. 
Maybe I was a little disappointed, because this lipstick doesn't have a name. But I give it a plus, because it really smells amazing. I smell strawberries or raspberries, yummy.

Šminka ima plastično embalažo, ki je na koncu šminke transparentna z barvo šminke, ki se skriva v notranjosti. Šminka je bila pred tem zapakirana še v nekaj plastičnega. 
Edina stvar, ki me je pri šminki malo razočarala je, da nima imena. Vedno so mi všeč šminke, ki imajo ljubka imena... kljub temu pa dam šminki plus, saj diši božansko. Nisem prepričana, če voham jagode ali maline; v vsakem primeru zelo diši. 

So... if you're going to Primark you really have to grab one lipstick from the beauty apartment. It's totally worth it. :)

Torej... šminka je več kot vredna svoje cene in jo je v Primarku potrebno res takoj potisniti v nakupovalno košarico. :)

With this dark red lipstick I wanted to wear something dark, but still romantic. I think this blouse is a perfect match to my lipstick. I love lace on the side and material. To my outfit I added some high-waisted jeans and two gold necklaces. :)

Skupaj s šminko sem želela oblečti nekaj temnega, vendar malo romantičnega. Mislim, da sta ta bluza in šminka skupaj popolni. Zelo mi je všeč stranska čipka na bluzi in pa tudi njen material. K outfitu sem dodala še svoje najljubše visoke jeans hlače in dve zlati verižici. :)

*wearing: necklaces & blouse from Primark
pants from New Yorker
lipstick from Primark

What do you think about lipstick and my outfit? :)
Kaj pa ti meniš o šminki in outfitu? :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Outfit post: Autumn everywhere

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." 
Roald Dahl

I love positive quotes, because they make my days easier and brighter. When I first saw this t-shirt in Primark I just had to put it in my shopping bag, because I loved the design and obviously that cute quote. I also love that's a bit baggy and I think that it goes great with leather pants and comfy sneakers. 
What do you think? :)

I really wasn't a sneakers person about two years ago... and look at me now. I'm combining sporty shoes with not just sporty clothes. Sometimes it really feels good walking in really comfy shoes, but I still prefer some heels. I guess I can't go out of my skin completely. :)

*wearing: shoes & tee & purse & ankle bracelet from Primark
pants from Terranova
jacket from Tally Weijl
bracelet from Duty Free Shop

For the end of this post I want to encourage you to always try pull out the best from every situation that you find yourself in, defeat the darkness, have positive thoughts and shine bright like a diamond, because you are unique and there's at least one person on this world that loves you for who you are. :)

Kisses with good thoughts,

Sunday, October 25, 2015

New in: cute accessories and make up

It's Saturday evening and I'm in my bed listening to a new stunning song from Adele (Hello) and writing this post... I guess miracles do happen, because usually I would be partying at this time, haha! A few days ago I had a shopping day with my sister and my friend. Our main stop was Primark store in Graz. I decided to show you some accessories and make up products that I have bought. :)

First I will show you my new lip balm and nail polish, because I didn't buy them in Primark. :)

1. EOS lip balm

Finally I own this little bastard! It has mint flavor and it really is the best lip balm I ever owned. It's very yummy and moisturizing. You can buy it in Muller and DM for 5,99€. :)

2. Essie nail polish

It's no secret that I'm head over heels about Essie nail polishes. With my sister we already own around 25 nail polishes and when we saw this love (In the lobby) we had to add it to our collection. With this nail polish we also got Essie spa hand creme that is amazing! It's so moisturizing and it smells divine. I hope that soon we will be able to buy it in drugstore too. 

And now it's time for things bought in Primark. :)

3. Fluffy socks

I couldn't help myself when I saw these fluffy socks. The whole package is so adorable. They really are meant for snuggling (shame that I don't have anyone to snuggle with, hihi). 

4. Bambi fluffy socks

Yep, they really are too adorable. Again, I couldn't help myself. I really love wine red color that has a violet touch this season. 
On picture there are 3 different shades of Essie polishes - Bahama Mama, In the Lobby and Bordeaux. :)

5. Candles 

When autumn and winter arrive my room is always filled with pleasant smells from the candles. I really love them and these three smell too good and look too cute. 
I got smells:  Pink grapefruit, Red berry & jasmine and Sweet vanilla & coconut <3

6. Matte lipsticks

I just couldn't go pass this cute little box of lipsticks. I love polka dots, gold, pink and lipsticks... and when I can get all those things in one... shut up and take my money! :D
These lipsticks are matte and really gorgeous.

In box you find pink, red and burgundy shades of lipsticks. How they really look  you can see on the picture above. I have already tried burgundy lipstick and it's amazing. It's really long lasting and it doesn't dry your lips at all. It also smells great, because every shade smells different. The whole box cost only 4 €, and these were the best spent 4 € ever. :)

7. Lipstick

I just had to buy another lipstick, because this red shade is gorgeous. A year ago I was wearing mostly pink lipsticks, but now my favorite are dark red ones. And there is not such a thing as having too many dark red lipsticks or lipsticks at all, haha! :)

8. Kitty mug

How could I not buy it? It's just too adorable. :)

8. Anklet

This package of anklets was discounted, so I just grabbed them. Also I can wear them as bracelets. :)

9. Hair band

For a long time I was looking for a hair band like this... And I finally found it in Primark, yaay!

10. Necklaces 

I love gold necklaces. All of these can be worn separately.

10. Concealer & make up fixing spray

I have already tried concealer and it's great! It covers yours imperfections completely, almost like Pan stick from Max factor. 
I'm very curious about make up fixing spray... we shall see how it works soon! :)

I also did buy a lot of clothes, but I didn't want to include them in this post. I'm sure you will be able to see them in my future posts.
I really like Primark, it's one of my favorite stores!

What about you, do you like Primark? :)

Now I'm off to sleep,
sweet dreams my loves,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New lippies

Hello, my name is Julija and I'm obsessed with lipsticks, haha (now it's your turn to say: Hello Julija, we love you anyway, haha!)  
I just can't get enough of them and I want all of them. Although I have a lot of them I don't think that I have two lipsticks that would be the same shade, so that's something. In the past 3 weeks I have bought a few new lippies and in this post I will show them to you. :)

Pozdravljeni, moje ime je Julija in sem obsedena s šminkami (sedaj ste na vrsti vi, da odgovorite: Pozdravljena Julija, radi te imamo). Haha! Šalo na stran. :)
Šminkam se nikakor ne morem upreti in si želim čisto vseeee! Šmink imam res ogromno, ampak nimam pa dveh, ki bi bile enakega odtenka - nekaj je. V zadnjih 3 tednih sem kupila nekaj novih šmink in v tej objavi vam jih bom pokazala in predstavila. :)

Here you can see all the shades of the lipsticks that I will present in this post. :)
Which color/shade is your favorite? 

Tukaj so odtenki šmink, ki vam jih bom predstavila v tej objavi.
Katera barva/odtenek je tvoj najljubši? 

1. Avon - Untamed heart

This instantly became my favorite lipstick. I love the color of it, it's totally perfect for autumn and winter. The color is something between violet and dark red. It's such a vampy color. The structure is amazing and this lipstick is really moisturizing. I love how applies. The only thing that I would maybe change about it is it's lasting. It's not that it won't last on your lips, but if you eat and drink it fades away fast and it leaves a stain. The package is plastic and nothing special, but what you find inside is a gem, hihi. 
I'm not sure about its price, because it was discounted, but I think that you can get it for around 4 €. :)

 Ta šminka je zaradi odtenka postala takoj moja najljubša. Menim, da je popolne barve za jesen in zimo. Barva je nekaj med vijolično in temno rdečo in je taka vampirska barva, hihi. Šminka ima sama po sebi odlično teksturo in je zelo vlažilna. Všeč mi je tudi kako se nanaša. Edina stvar, ki bi jo pri njej spremenila je njena obstojnost. Saj ni, da ni obstojna, vendar če ješ in piješ kmalu pusti samo madež. Šminka je v plastični in čisto klasični embalaži, torej nič kaj posebnega na pogled, je pa zato toliko boljša v notranjosti, hihi.
Glede cene nisem prepričana, ker sem jo kupila, ko je bila znižana, ampak mislim, da je bila znižana cena nekje 4€. :)

2. Manhattan - All in one lipstick; 660 Bite my lip

Manhattan has a new collection of lipsticks- all in one lipstick and when I saw them in store I just had to buy one and test it. They are offering you a large variety of colors (14 to be exact), so the pick was a bit difficult, but in the end I went home with 660 - Bite my lip. I really like this lipstick. It has an intense color impact and long lasting shine, it's comfortable to wear and it doesn't dry your lips. I can eat and drink with it and it won't go away. It leaves you a really intensive stain. The package is plastic with logo on the top - for me it's very appealing. 
You can get this lipstick in any drugstore for around 5 €. It's a really good lipstick for such price.
How it looks on my lips you can see on the left picture. :)

Manhattan ima novo kolekcijo šmink - all in one lipstick in, ko sem te šminke zagledala sem seveda eno morala takoj kupiti in jo preizkusiti. Nova kolekcija nam ponuja veliko različnih čudovitih odtenkov šmink (14, če smo natančni), torej si lahko predstavljate kako težko je bilo izbrati samo eno, vendar sem se na koncu odločila za klasično rdečo (660- Bite my lip). Šminka mi je res zelo všeč. Ima zelo intezivno barvo in je zelo obstojna in ne izsuši ustnic niti malo. Z njo lahko ješ in piješ in ne bo šla vstran. Po par urah nošenja pusti na ustnicah res močan madež, ki ne izgleda niti približno grdo. Embalaža je črna z njihovim logotipom na vrhu - meni osebno zelo privlačna za oči.
Bite my lip in ostale stanejo okrog 5 €. Menim, da je res super šminka za takšno ceno.
Kako izgleda na meni pa lahko boljše vidite na levi sliki. :)

3. Essence - 03 BFF and 09 I feel pretty

Not only Manhattan, but also Essence has a new collection of lipsticks - Sheer and shine lipsticks. 
From this collection I bought 2 lipsticks, because I liked the shades and because they are super affordable - only 2,19 €
I love the shade of both lipsticks and the smell of both of them (every lipstick smells different). I also like that package is matchy with the lipstick inside, because you can find the shade that you want very fast. These lipsticks are super smooth and very moisturizing, almost like you would be wearing a colored lip balm. I would say that I like them and that I don't. They really aren't long lasting. Even when you talk the lipstick goes away a bit, not to mention when you eat or drink. Such a shame for such a lovely shades!

Tudi Essence imajo novo kolecijo šmink - Sheer and shine lipsticks.
Iz te kolekcije sem kupila 2 šminki, ker sta mi bila oba odtenka zelo všeč in tudi zato, ker so res cenovno dostopne vsakomur. Cena je samo 2,19 €.
Kot sem rekla že prej sta mi odtenka šmink, ki sem jih kupila zelo všeč, všeč mi je tudi vonj (vsaka šminka diši drugače). Zelo mi je všeč tudi embalaža, saj se pokrovček ujema z odtenkom šminke, ki je v notranjosti. Šminki sta zelo vlažilni in mehki in kar spominjata na obarvan lip balm. Za šminki lahko rečem, da sta mi všeč in, da mi nista. Šminki imata res slabo obstojnost, saj celo ko govoriš gre malo šminke dol (da ne omenjam kaj se s šminko zgodi, ko jem ali pijem). Škoda, ker sta mi odtenka res všeč!

3. L'Oreal Paris - Colour Riche; Julianne's NUDE

This lipstick is from the collection Colour Riche collection exclusive. This is a collection of custom-made nudes for every skin tone. I chose baby pink, that's suitable for lighter skin tones. Lipstick is very creamy and it offers you intense hydration. I really like the package, it's really cute. I have to admit that I chose this lipstick not because only it would be suitable for my skin tone, but because I loved that it has a name Julianne's nude. The whole collection is really gorgeous, also the collection of red lipsticks. Julianne's nude is very long lasting. You can eat and drink and it will stay on your lips for a half day. 
Price for this lipstick is around 12 €, but it's really worth it. :)

Ta šminka je iz kolekcije Colour Riche collection exclusive. Ta kolekcija je posebaj narejena za vsak ten kože. Šminka, ki sem jo izbrala je v nežno roza odtenku in je primerna za svetlejše tene. Govorim o zelo kremasti šminki, ki pusti ustnicam zelo dihati. Zelo in to res zelo mi je všeč embalaža šminke. Priznati moram, da te šminke nisem izbrala samo zato, ker paše k mojemu tenu kože, ampak tudi zato, ker mi je zelo všeč njeno ime- Julianne's nude. Všeč mi je celotna kolekcija nude odtenkov, prav tako pa tudi kolekcija rdečih (iz katere bom definitivno kupila kakšno šminko). Julianne's nude je zelo dolgo obstojna šminka, z njo lahko ješ in piješ in bo na ustnicah ostala pol dneva.
Cena šminke se giblje okrog 12 €. :)

5. Bourjois - Rouge edition Velvet mat; 04 Peach Club

Rouge Edition Velvet is the amazing collection of lipsticks from Bourjois. It has an amazing formula, soft and melting texture that turns into a matt color. Lips are left smooth and soft and it stays on your lips for the whole day and the texture of the lipstick is undetectable after your application. It's like SUPER EXTRA long lasting. It's also super pigmented and it has an intense color.  I also really like the smell of this lipstick, I can't describe you what it is, but for me is pleasant. Because of the matt finish I have to put a lip balm after a few hours on my lips, because it dries them out a bit. The bottle is transparent and the cap is the same color as the tint. Matchy matchy!
Its price is around 14 €, but it really is worth every euro/penny! :)

Rouge Edition Velvet je neverjetna kolekcija šmink od Bourjois. Šminke imajo neverjetno formulo, mehka tekstura pa se spremeni v mat barvo. Ustnice šminka pusti gladke in mehke in ves dan ne zapusti tvojih ustnic. Po nanosu šminke sploh ne čutim več. Šminka je tudi ZELO obstojna, zelo pigmentirana in ima zelo močno barvo. Všeč mi je tudi vonj šminke, ne znam ga opisati, ampak mi je zelo prijeten. Zaradi mat učinka, ki ga šminka pusti moje ustnice malo izsuši po par urah nošenja. Steklenička je prozorna s pokrovčkom, ki se ujema z barvo šminke. Vse je ujemajoče.
Cena šminke je okrog 14 € in je vredna vsakega centa!! :)

As I wrote in one of the posts where I'm wearing this lipstick on my lips (Army is the new black - click!) I hate orange, but I love orange lips. I'm a bit weird I know, hihi. 

Kot sem že zapisala v eni izmed prejšnjih objav sovražim oranžno barvo, ampak obožujem oranžne ustnice. Malo sem čudna, vem; hihi. :)

So, these were my new lipsticks. 
Which one is your favorite? Do you own any of these or you want to? Let me know!

Torej, to so bile moje nove šminke.
Katera je pa tvoja najljubša? Ali imaš v svoji zbirki katero izmed njih, ali si jo želiš? :)

Kisses from lipstick addict,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Upcoming Essence LE: "All that greys"

Hello! :*
Today I will present you a new upcoming limited edition collection from Essence that will launch stores in the middle of november 2015. I don't always love those limited edition collections, usually I want to have just a thing or two, but this one is whole for me. All that greys collection will drive us to the roaring 20's. If you were checking my blog since last year you must know that I love the 20's, I was even a Charlestone girl for a masquerade. Well, roaring 20's are well known for crazy parties and glam. This collection is offering exciting products that are focusing on the most trendy color of the year 2016: grey. Grey elegance is complementing with pink-redish shades. Perfect. <3

SLO: Danes predstavljam novo Eseence limited edition, ki bo na voljo od sredine novembra do sredine decembra 2015, oz. do razprodaje zalog. Ponavadi mi  limited edition kolekcije niso nevem kako všeč, mogoče kakšen izdelek ali dva, ampak TA pa je čisto po mojem okusu. Kolekcija z imenom All the greys nas bo popeljala v razvpita 20 leta. Če spremljaš moj blog že od lani veš, da sem nad tem desetletjem čisto navdušena, celo za maškare sem bila Charlestone punca. :) No, razvpita dvajseta so znana po svojih mega zabavah in pa glamurju. Verjetno so mi ravno zato tako všeč, hihi. Prihajajoča Essence kolekcija ponuja res navdušujoče izdelke, ki se osredotočajo na najbolj trendi barvo leta 2016: sivo. Sivo eleganco pa kolekcija dopolnjuje z roza- rdečimi odtenki. Popolno. <3

And here are the products that you will be able to buy: 
Tukaj so izdelki, ki jih bo moč kupiti. Izdelkov ne bom prevajala, saj že slikice povejo dovolj. :)

1. Eyeshadow palette: 01 7 shades of rose and grey

I just think it's gorgeous! Can't wait to buy it. :)
Price: 5,49€

2. Lipgloss
                                                                      01         02
                                         Roaring red   What rose would do

Kiss and tell! So gorgeous! I'm sure I will buy 01. :)
Price: 2,19 €

 3. Nail stickers: 01 dressed in lace & pearls
Pearls and lace. Do I need to say anything? Want it. <3
Price: 1,59€

4. Nail polishes with effects

  01 Back to black   02 Step into the grey zone   03 Greyt times    04 Girl with a pearl   05 Roaring red
Price: 2,19 €

I don't know if I will buy any of these nail polishes, because usually I don't like their lasting, but 01 and 05 look really gorgeous. <3

5. Porcelain loose face & body powder
01 be classy & fabulous

Something for shiny body and face + the package is really cute. Maybe I will buy it. :)
Price: 3,59€

6. Fake corner lashes 
01 a little party never killed nobody
That 20's look. <3
Price: 2,79€

7. Smokey eyes pencils with a sponge

01 back to black  02 greyt times
For sexy eyes. <3
Price: 3,29€

8. Hair bandeau
01 ladies´ choice
For the perfect 20's look.
Price: 2,19€

So... as you can see I'm really excited about this collection!
I really want that eyeshadow palette, lip gloss in 01 and maybe 02 also, nail stickers, face & body powder, eye pencils with a sponge and maybe 2 nail polishes. 
I don't think that I ever wanted so many stuff from one collection, haha!

Torej... moje navdušenje nad celotno kolekcijo je jasno vidno!
Mislim, da bom kupla paleto s senčkami, lip gloss številka 01 (mogoče celo tudi 02, odvisno od odtenka v živo), nalepke za nohte, svetlikajoči puder (naravnost zakon bo za decemberske zabave), oba svinčnika za oči in mogoče tudi dva laka za nohte.
Verjetno si še nikoli nisem  želela toliko stvari iz samo ene kolekcije, haha!

What about you, do you want any of the products? :)
Kaj pa ti, ali se bo v tvoji nakupovalni košarici znašel kakšen izdelek? 

Roaring kisses,

Friday, October 9, 2015

Outfit post: Army green is the new black

Well, hello!
Yes, I'm still alive and yes, I'm wearing army green again. Army green is the new black for me, haha. I just can't get enough of it. So what I've been doing for the past few weeks? I was just enjoying life, partying at home and at Student Island in Greece... I was and I'm still just doing things that make me happy. :)

*wearing: New Yorker pants, H&M blazer and tee and shoes, eBay necklace, Limi bag

 These pictures were taken today totally spontaneously and maybe they are not the best, but still... I just had an urge to update my blog. It's been too long since I wrote something. I really miss blogging life and I'm sure that I will get back when I find some more inspiration. I hope you were missing me, hihi. :)

I really love curly hair. Today I curled them, but after just 2 hours the party was over and they were just a bit wavy. I guess that's a curse if you have very thin and long hair. Well, at least I did a selfie with my curly hairstyle. 
Yep, you can see some orange on me. If you're reading my blog then you know that I can't stand orange color. I don't own any clothes or accessories that are orange color, but I just really love peachy blushers and peachy/orange lipsticks. Weird, right? :)

On my lips: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - 04 Peach Club
This is one of the best lip products that I have ever tried. It has a matte finish and it stays on your lips literally whole day. It's worth every penny. :)

Oh well, aren't I chatty today?! 
Now I will shut up.
Talk to you soon.