Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outfit: It smells like spring

People come and people go, but in your heart someone always leaves that special trail that will never be forgotten. 

Finally it smells like spring outside. The sun rays are getting warmer and it's warm enough for thicker jackets and comfy shoes. I really wanted to wear this my all time favorite jacket, but I was afraid that I might get a cold if I would wear it only over my tee. That's why I decided to also wear a thick chiffon blazer under the jacket. :)
Oh, I have to mention my boyfriend jeans that I was wearing... These pants will definitely be my fave pants of the season! :)

Wearing: Lee Cooper all stars (Sports Direct), boyfriend jeans (New Yorker), chiffon blazer (Terranova), army jacket (New Yorker), tee (New Yorker), sunnies (H&M)



  1. Luštna. :)
    Zelo všečen outfit, še posebej jakna mi je zelo všeč. <3

  2. Ooo sem se že spraševala kdaj se bodo pričeli outfiti z jaknicam oz. bo dovolj toplo, sem hotela jaz tudi že danes na plano z jaknico pa sem se premislila, ker sem bila cel dan v Lj in večeri so še vedno hladni...
    Super outfit, sploh boyfriend jeanske, pri meni so tudi fav. oblačilo pomladi, hihi


  3. Všečen outfit, jakna pa je top! :)


  4. vauuuu čisto vse po mojem okusu:) love it:) in frizurca je top, lasje pa izgledajo tako zdravi:)


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