Saturday, March 14, 2015


The most important felling for me is love. First you have to love yourself, then you can love another human being. Love can set you free or it can tear you apart in every single possible way. When it does that you have to keep moving forward and believe that you can find love again. It's not necessary that you have to or will find it in another human being, you can just simply love life. :)

This post will be about 3 lip products that I own and are connected with love somehow. 

1. Feel the love lipgloss 

Where there is love, there is life. You just need to feel the love. :)

This one is one of my favorite lip glosses. I don't wear glosses very often, because I don't like the sticky feeling on my lips, but at this one the stickiness doesn't even bother me. It's super pigmented and it stays on your lips even if you're drinking/eating. You can order it at Avon for around 2 €. It's price is really cheap and its name will bring smile on your face everyday. :)


2. Essence - Unforgettable kiss

Kiss is one of the most important things when it comes to loving someone. It can be the most intimate thing, or it can totally discourage you from someone. If the kiss is unforgettable someone sure did left an impression. ;)

This lipstick is from Essence limited edition Unforgettable kiss. At first I really wanted to buy blusher that was in a shape of a heart from this LE, but when I saw the pigmentation I changed my mind. Because I had to buy something from this edition I chose this lipstick. I think it's the first Essence lipstick that has really disappointed me. It's pigmentation is really bad and it stays on your lips for like 15 minutes. After that it doesn't even leave a stain. BUT, because this lipstick is in this great package and very creamy I'm using it as a blusher. :) Problem solved. 
Its price was 2,49 €. 

3. Essence - Stay with me
You can't force someone to love you, and you can't force someone to stay with you, because you need him/her. That's life; unfortunately. 

I think that Essence isn't even selling this lipgloss anymore, but I have to show it to you, because it's my all time favorite lipgloss. I almost used it up and I'm sad about it, because it has an amazing lastingness and it's not sticky at all. It really stays on your lips for a few hours. I don't even know how much it cost, but it wasn't the cheapest one. 

Have you tried Essence Lip candies lipgloss yet? Is it any similar to this one? :)

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Joj škoda, ker sem zamudila tale Essence glos, čeprav nisem pretirana ljubiteljica glosov, mi je pa barva pisana na kožo:)

    1. Ta gloss je res bil top. To je že druga steklenička, pa jih zdaj na žalost več ne prodajajo. :(

  2. Jaz sem sovražila glosse do kakšnega mesca nazaj, ko mi je Catrice poslala paketek kozmetike in so bili tudi trije glossi in obožujem vse tri ter sem že dokupila nove tudi od Essence!



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