Friday, March 6, 2015

Julija rewievs: Bourjois color boost lip crayons

There's nothing new if I say that I might have a little lipstick obsession. I really do have a lot of lipsticks and one of my favorites are Bourjois color boost lipsticks that look like big crayons. I love their formula, because they are very creamy and application is very easy. They are also very moisturizing and they don't drain your lips even a bit. These lipsticks are very long lasting and they leave a gorgeous stain on your lips. They stay on your lips even if you're eating. I can't tell you how many hours they actually stay on, because I have to put on some lipstick on my lips every 15 minutes, haha. You can buy them in DM or Muller for around 9,99 €

As you can see I have three different colors of Bourjois color boost lip crayons. The first one is 01 Red sunshine, the second one is 02 Fuchsia Libre and the third one is 04 Peach on the beach. As you can also see I LOVE 04, because I almost ran out of it. I really need to buy a new one. 

Red sunshine is a gorgeous red shade. You can never have too many red lipsticks. 
"High heels and red lipstick will put a fear of a God into people." :)

I think that the name of this lip crayon says it all. Fuchsia Libre is gorgeous fuchsia pink shade and very suitable for warm and sunny days. Can't wait for spring and summer to come! :)

Oh my lovely, almost empty Peach on the beach. This lip crayon is something between peachy pink and nude shade and it's very suitable for everyday make up. As you can see I was wearing it on my lips a lot. Now I found a dupe of it at Avon, but I will talk about that maybe some other time. :)

It seems like these lipsticks are perfect... but there's one thing that bothers me. Their original package had written product name and brand and everything on (you can see that on the picture above), but after a few uses that erased and now my lipsticks are blank. Really not cool...

My rating: 9/10



  1. Thanks for the review, pink belongs for me definitely to spring :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. Wau, kako lepe barve. :) <3 Te Bourjois svinčnike pa si že kar nekaj časa želim preizkusiti. :)


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