Sunday, February 8, 2015

Roaring 20's

It's Carnival time! For the next week and a half I can be someone else. For my first night out (yep, I will party like crazy!) I chose to be a flapper girl. I love the 20's and I loved The Great Gatsby movie. I wish I could live in this glam years and dress like this everyday! Pearls, red lips, pink cheeks, curly and wavy hair, hair bends, dark eyes, fringes... omg! <3 I was also wearing fake eyelashes for the first time. I wouldn't wear them on a daily basis, because I don't like the fake looks, but for a Carnival I think they are all right. :)

P.s.: All the pictures were taken at my friends house, so that's why I'm wearing slippers. In case you were wondering what's the deal with the slippers. :)

Wearing: dress: H&M

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