Thursday, February 26, 2015

In the air

You are born and then you die, but between you can do anything you want. It's society that makes rules for us, but you can break out of that. You can even think that you are a superhero. And if you really want to feel like a real Batman or Superman you have to visit this new and amazing coffee shop Luft. It means in the air and that's the whole point of it. You have to go in the elevator that drives you on the top one of the highest building in the center of Maribor. And there's Luft. It feels like you are on the top of the world and on a sunny day you have an amazing view. From now on I want to drink my coffee in the air every day. (:

So, what about my outfit? It's obvious that I like to wear black on black with black. On my outfit pictures you can see my new a bit baggy leather pants. I really need to stop buying leather clothes. (:

*wearing: pants and scarf: Terranova, coat and tee: H&M

Stay tuned, because I'm back! 

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  1. You look terrific. I could never stop buying leather clothes. I love leather so much.



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