Saturday, December 6, 2014

St. Nicholas day

I guess I was a really good girl this year... St. Nicholas has brought me many great things today. If you're following me on Instagram then you already know what I got, but if you're not you can still follow me and catch up with my posts: Fashionandpinkheart.:)

1. Batman slippers

I'm a big Batman fan. I just fell in love with it in the new trilogy of it and I want to have everything that has a batman logo or batman or batgirl on. These slippers are handmade and unique and they are made with love by: Drobcene stvari Katie. <3
They are made from black and gold leather and they have a warm fleece on the inside. 

2. Baking book, models and a chocolate

I love baking, I love pink, I love chocolate, I love princesses (I know I'm 20, but I just can't help it)... I couldn't get more appropriate gift than this. This book that I got is not only a baking book, but it has some cooking recipes inside as well. The title says: Cooking book for little princesses. So adorable! <3
P.S.: This chocolate is sooooo good! It tastes almost like Milka Oreo. And the writing on it: I'll make your tummy yummy <3 is too adorable! :)

Hope you were on a list of good ones this year and that claws didn't take you away, hihi.


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