Sunday, November 23, 2014

Party outfit

It's Saturday. I should be out partying and having fun, but that's what I did yesterday and today I'm in mood for hanging out with my bed, listening to a song from One Republic (Au Revoir) and watching pictures from yesterday. First I wanted to do a post about Essence long lasting lipsticks that I own, but now I'm not in the mood for writing a review. Despite the fact that I'm totally lazy at the moment I wanted to write something, so that's why I have decided to write a post about my outfit that I wore yesterday on a party.

P.S: Post about my lipsticks will be on my blog soon. Once a lipstick addict, always a lipstick addict.

If you read my blog regular you know that I'm a fan of black & white outfits. Well, if you're here for the first time you know that now. 
This necklace that I'm wearing is similar as Chanel one. I got it a few days ago and I wanted to wear it and that's how I ended up in black & white outfit again yesterday.
I wore black leather pants and full heels with a white top and my black coat. You can't see my coat on these pictures, but you can see it in this post: Perfection. ;)

*wearing: shoes: Deichmann, pants: H&M, tee: New Yorker, necklace: eBay

Here you can see better my gorgeous necklace. 
Yesterday my hair were curly and my make up was dark brown with pink lips.
I just wanted to keep it all classy.

Well, that's it about my outfit and look.
Sleep tight my loves.


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