Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flowers on my sunnies

Today I had a better day than I expected. The sun was shining outside, I spent my day with my family and we went to the cemetery to pay tribute to our relatives that has passed away and I even got a lollipop. What more could I wish? :) 

I was wearing a dark outfit (not that this is something new for me). I wore my new perfect coat (I dedicated a post to it a few days ago: Perfection), my gorgeous ankle boots with gold details, envelope clutch, mint sweater and two statement pieces: my necklace with flowers and my big sunnies with flowers (Valentino style).

*wearing: coat & jeans: H&M, necklace: Accessories, shoes: InFashion (Slovenian store), clutch: ebay, sunnies: Extra (Slovenian store)

Hope you had a wonderful day.

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  1. I really love your outfit!xx


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