Friday, October 3, 2014

Night out

If you read my previous post you know that I moved back to the city. I was away from some of my friends for the whole summer and that's why we had to celebrate our reunion right away. We went dancing and partying and we really did have a great time! :)

I wore something chic, but yet simple. Black has always been my color. 
I love this leather skirt. Lately I have a lot of leather clothes in my closet. Of course I couldn't complete my look without any gold details. In the past year and a half gold has become my companion. :)

*wearing: skirt: New Yorker, tee: Terranova, bracelet: C&A, necklace: ebay, shoes: Deichmann

If you just started with your school year I wish you good luck through your school year! :)


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  1. Beautiful!! Love this look :)

    Kisses ChicAdicta


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