Monday, October 27, 2014

Burgundy autumn

Burgundy is color of this autumn. Recently I have found a perfect pants in this color. I couldn't wait to combine them with my perfect autumn jacket (you can also read about it in my previous post: perfection ). I never liked autumn before because in autumn it's getting cold outside and you need to start wearing warm clothes, but this year I have a different opinion about it. I love the changing colors of leaves, I love the smell of autumn and I love warm fireplaces. My favorite part of the day is when I squeeze into my pijamas with a cup of tea, fluffy socks and a great book. I guess I really have changed, and I like the new me. (:

P.S.: It's finally time for boots! They sure are my favorite footwear! :)


*wearing: boots: Deichmann, pants and tee: Terranova, jacket: random store (Top moda in Slovenia), bag: Two Way

Autumn kisses.


  1. GREAT LOOK :)

  2. really beautiful shades of autumn!



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