Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby lips review

If you're following me on Instagram (if not, you can follow me here: Fashionandpinkheart) you know what my new obsession is. One month ago I have bought my first Baby lips, and until now I already own them 5. I just need to buy a transparent one, and then I will have to wait for some new supplies in Müller. 

This one is guilty for my Baby lips obsession. When I have bought it I had no idea that this is not just a lip balm. I didn't know that Baby lips are like lipstick and that they color your lips. I love this shade, because it is so candy pink. And it smells divine. Each Baby lips have it's own scent. 

Lasting of Baby lips:
On my lips it stays for a long time. Even if I drink or eat something my lips stay colored. I would say that it stays on my lips for definitely 4 hours. 

Baby lips are very cheap. I buy them in Müller and there they cost 2.39 €. :)

My three Baby lips are "sleeping" in this lovely multi bag. I use it as a make up bag, but you can use it as a purse also. I love this crazy print on it! Of course it's handmade. :)

These two are from the electro collection. They are also very moisturizing and they smell awesome.

My rate: 10/10

Well...I think you did realize how big my obsession with these lipstick is. 
Now... run to the store to get your own Baby lips, so that you will have baby lips. :)



  1. Glede na njihovo priljubljenost me je kar sram priznat, da jih še nimam! Moram kmalu v nakup. :) Pa ful dobro negujejo ustnice?

    1. hehe, moraš v nakup! :) Meni osebno jih res fajn negujejo, pa še dišijo tako lepo :)

  2. Tudi jaz imam že celo zbirko, saj ne vem pravzaprav koliko 4 ali pa 5, ampak so trenutno nekatere ostale doma. Moram v nakup po nove tukaj na Portugalskem, čeprav tukaj težko najdeš trgovine s kozmetiko, nikjer nobenih drogerij :(


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