Friday, September 12, 2014

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It's been a long working day. Now I'm in my bed enjoying sounds of the original version of the song  The Sound Of Silence and watching pictures of the things I have bought in past few days. I have bought some accessories for my phone and my pencils, some beauty products and some shoes. Shoes are always a good idea. If they are boots it's even better. 

"Because when I shop the world gets better." :)

 For the past year I have a crush for gold details and that's the reason I fell in love with these gorgeous ankle boots. Gold is always a good idea.
(from: Slovenian store Infashion)

Boots are probably my favorite footwear. I bought these because they are very simple and I can combine them with any outfit. I like their back zipper and that they reach up to my knees. You can also roll them down. 
(from: Deichmann) 

Accessories: Pencil case in hot pink with glitters and phone case that looks like a nail polish

My beauty haul: Balea shampoo, Balea deo, Balea piling, Cuba deo, Catrice gel look like nail polish and the cutest lip gloss with a crown <3 

If you want to hear review about any product from above let me know.

Manicure of a day: Essie- Cute As a Button with a Ciate mini and Catrice gel look like nail polish 

Well, #selfie is always a good idea as well. It's already leather weather.

Almost all previous pictures you can find on my Instagram profile: Fashionandpinkheart

Now I'm off to bed, because I have two more working days ahead.
Have a nice weekend.


  1. Nice ankle boots , and Balea's products are great !!! :)

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