Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Before bed

So this post will be a bit different. I wanted to share with you how I usually treat myself before bed time. I don't really have a precisely defined routine, but I do use all things/products that are on the picture bellow before I fall asleep. :)

1. Body lotion - this one is the most important, because I have really dry skin. I really do have a lot of body lotions, but this one on the picture is my favorite. I love chocolate, but usually I don't find products that would actually smell nice when they are in contact with skin. Well, this one from Aveo and it's called Chocolate popcakes (it's Muller brand) and it actually smells delicous! <3

2. Body spray- it's the second most important thing. This one I'm currently using is from Avon with scent of roses and chocolate. I like to spray my clothes with it. I fell more comfortable when I use it. It's actually very long-lasting, because I still smell it on my clothes in the morning. :)

3. Fluffy socks- I love these socks. I'm already wearing them, because it's so cold outside. I love it when I put them on my warm feet after a shower. I feel really comfy then. 

4. Notebook- I feel in love with this notebook. I like how it looks, but what I really love about it is that I can write my thoughts in it anytime I want. I like to write something in it before I go to sleep because then all my sad thoughts go to this notebook and my sleep is peaceful. 
I really recommend you a notebook like this if you don't have it already. :)

5. Sleeping band- I don't always sleep with it, neither I don't find sleeping with it comfortable, because in the middle of the night in glands from my eyes and it's disturbing, but sometimes it's too bright in my room and I put it on. I guess I like it when I say that I sleep with a sleeping band, because it sounds chic; hihi.

Well this is what I do before my bed time.
Do you have your own routine? 

Sleep tight.

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