Monday, July 21, 2014

Leather everywhere!

Lately I've become obsessed with leather. I love leather shorts, skirts, tees. Everything. These shorts that I'm wearing are maybe more for a night look, but sometimes I like to go a bit bold and wear them at day time. 

My tee is dotted -again. Like I said in my post dots dots dots I adore dots. But this outfit is not only about dots and leather obsession, but also about gold details and hearts and tanned skin. Oh how much I love summer! :)

*wearing: shorts: New Yorker, tee: H&M, purse: Terranova, watch: from Spain, necklace: Alliexpress

* let me take a #selfie :D



  1. Zelo moden videz, nad hlačami sem še pa posebej navdušena, res so super in popestrijo vsak videz, majčka je pa čudovite barve :)

  2. The combination of colors, shapes and a very good situation in the sunny weather. Thanks.

  3. It is so ironic that the typography on the top indicates cute and sweet because the top certainly fits both adjectives.


  4. Your shirt says it all :) Looking great
    Following you now and will appreciate it if you can follow back and return the Love and Support!
    Red Alice


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