Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deep blue sea

Hello darlings!

Two days ago I went to the Slovenian coast with my girlfriends. We weren't planning to go to the sea any time soon. It was totally spontaneous decision, because one moment we were talking where we should go for a coffee and the next we were sitting in my friends car and driving on a highway towards the coast. We arrived there at 6 pm, so we only caught sunrise in the arms of the sea, but still it was beautiful to see that scene. It was an awesome day!! :)

P.s.: As you can see I'm  obsessed with dots. I own two dotted skirts, two dotted shorts and now even long dotted pants. I just can't help myself!

wearing: pants: H&M, shoes: Princess shop, bag: Pimkie


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  1. o to je pa tok super, da se tako spontno neko odpravte :)!
    lep outfitek :)


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