Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lips of an angel

Hello lovelies! Hope you're doing okay.
Exams are finally over, so now I can again breathe again and do things that I like. I can't wait to watch my favorite series, play games, write, spend time with my friends and PARTY! I really missed partying. 

In this post I wanted to show you Essie nail polishes that my sister and I own. At first I wasn't head over hells about them, because they were on every blog, but when I got first one as a present and tried it they became one of my favorites. Apllying them is easy and brush is just the right size. I would say that their price is suitable; according to quality.

* Fiji, Lovie dovie, Exotic liras, Forever yummy

I also wanted to show you my manicure. I used Essie- Fiji and Essence glitters for nails. I added some princess stickers- #crown to complete the look. I love how it turned out, even tough my nails are not long.

And one more thing: here's a picture of an outfit that I wore today. The other day I have bought a new tee. I really love the combination of black and white, it's so classic. 
Today I really wanted to wear this thick scarf around my neck, but it didn't work out really well because this tee is too sporty, so I decided to experiment a bit and I tied it around my waist. 
Lips? They are red. I think that I will use red lipstick more often.

* wearing: tee, bracelet-Tally Weijl

That's all for today.
We type soon.

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  1. The second pink colour from the left is really pretty!


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