Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Carnival time!

Hello lovelies!

I feel so tired, because I was partying like an animal for the past two days. I really needed that relaxation. It's Carnival time and we have a lot of concerts. On Friday I was masked into a Flapper girl. I really enjoyed making this mask. I looked a lot of make up and hair tutorials all over the youtube and even learned/discovered a few interesting facts. 
Make up was invented in 1910 and it didn't established until 1920. In that time only actresses and prostitutes wore make up in public. Other women wore it only at home. 
If you're interested to know more information about this time you can read some facts on Wikipedia- Flapper girl :)

Carnival time continues until 04.02, so I'm planning to attend at least for three more events. I'm planning to be masked as Minnie mouse, princess and a bat"man".

What do you think about my mask?
I think I look like Coco Chanel (kidding :P)

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