Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heart day

Hello dolls! :*

Today was a Valentine's day. So I hope you had an amazing day. For me this was not really a big feast, because I prefer showing my love to the people I love everyday (at least to those that I'm able to). But to you my dear readers I'm sending a big bowl of kisses and thanks for reading my little blog. I love you all!

I spent all my day on a fair with my sister. There we/I took some pictures with hearts, just because I think that this was appropriate for today and because I really like <3.

* #heart

* my lovely sister

*leaning on the heart :)

As you can see my outfit today was very casual with elegant black high-waisted pants, black tee and a short lace blazer in green color which is one of my favorite colors this season. 
In this post I'm also showing you my pink polka-dot nails with hearts that my sister painted me a few days ago. Today I'm already wearing a different manicure, because I get bored of my nails pretty easily, but I still wanted to show you this one, because it was really special and totally for this #<3day.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. New post is coming soon!

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  1. kok luškan outfitek :)! pa nohtki so tko hudi :D!
    sestro ti pa kar zavidam, js bi prec mela eno hah:D


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