Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Carnival time!

Hello lovelies!

I feel so tired, because I was partying like an animal for the past two days. I really needed that relaxation. It's Carnival time and we have a lot of concerts. On Friday I was masked into a Flapper girl. I really enjoyed making this mask. I looked a lot of make up and hair tutorials all over the youtube and even learned/discovered a few interesting facts. 
Make up was invented in 1910 and it didn't established until 1920. In that time only actresses and prostitutes wore make up in public. Other women wore it only at home. 
If you're interested to know more information about this time you can read some facts on Wikipedia- Flapper girl :)

Carnival time continues until 04.02, so I'm planning to attend at least for three more events. I'm planning to be masked as Minnie mouse, princess and a bat"man".

What do you think about my mask?
I think I look like Coco Chanel (kidding :P)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lips of an angel

Hello lovelies! Hope you're doing okay.
Exams are finally over, so now I can again breathe again and do things that I like. I can't wait to watch my favorite series, play games, write, spend time with my friends and PARTY! I really missed partying. 

In this post I wanted to show you Essie nail polishes that my sister and I own. At first I wasn't head over hells about them, because they were on every blog, but when I got first one as a present and tried it they became one of my favorites. Apllying them is easy and brush is just the right size. I would say that their price is suitable; according to quality.

* Fiji, Lovie dovie, Exotic liras, Forever yummy

I also wanted to show you my manicure. I used Essie- Fiji and Essence glitters for nails. I added some princess stickers- #crown to complete the look. I love how it turned out, even tough my nails are not long.

And one more thing: here's a picture of an outfit that I wore today. The other day I have bought a new tee. I really love the combination of black and white, it's so classic. 
Today I really wanted to wear this thick scarf around my neck, but it didn't work out really well because this tee is too sporty, so I decided to experiment a bit and I tied it around my waist. 
Lips? They are red. I think that I will use red lipstick more often.

* wearing: tee, bracelet-Tally Weijl

That's all for today.
We type soon.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heart day

Hello dolls! :*

Today was a Valentine's day. So I hope you had an amazing day. For me this was not really a big feast, because I prefer showing my love to the people I love everyday (at least to those that I'm able to). But to you my dear readers I'm sending a big bowl of kisses and thanks for reading my little blog. I love you all!

I spent all my day on a fair with my sister. There we/I took some pictures with hearts, just because I think that this was appropriate for today and because I really like <3.

* #heart

* my lovely sister

*leaning on the heart :)

As you can see my outfit today was very casual with elegant black high-waisted pants, black tee and a short lace blazer in green color which is one of my favorite colors this season. 
In this post I'm also showing you my pink polka-dot nails with hearts that my sister painted me a few days ago. Today I'm already wearing a different manicure, because I get bored of my nails pretty easily, but I still wanted to show you this one, because it was really special and totally for this #<3day.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. New post is coming soon!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Purse on bracelet and purse in heart shape

Hello darlings! :*

Even tough my New years resolution was that I will blog more frequently I wasn't able to, because I had and still have exams and I have to study. I also had some problems with my blogger page, but never mind that, I'm here now.

Weather in Slovenia is awful, everything is covered in ice. It looks like land in Disney movie Frozen (if you didn't watch it yet, you must, because it's beautiful, even tough it's a fairytale!) Here's a trailer: Frozen.

In this post you can see my casual outfit two weeks ago, when the weather was warm and I didn't have to wrap 3 scarfs around my neck :D. 
I got this cute hearted bag for my birthday from my friends and I really adore it. Usually I wear these kind of purses only when I go partying, because during the day I need so many things in my purse, but this love I also wear on a daily basis when I don't need any books in my purse. 
Oh... What about my bracelet? Purse on a bracelet and it's pink! I adore it. What do you think about it?

P.S.: The lightening on pictures is awful. My hair looks like it's brownish and ombre. I need to start making pictures outside. Soon, I promise!

Have a wonderful day and good luck with your exams!
We type soon.