Thursday, January 2, 2014

super-bat girl

Hello darlings! :*

I'm so happy that 2013 is over. For me it wasn't a very good year, so for 2014 I've decided that this will be my year. I wish for all of you a lot of happiness, joy and love in 2014. Oh, and read my blog. :)

So... I'm a huge fan of superman and batman. I prefer batman, because he's wasn't born with superpowers and he had to achieve them if he wanted to make peace in his city. But even tough I think that they are both pretty awesome! And because of that I've ordered earrings with superman logo and a ring with batman logo. And I totally love both pieces! 

I know I wasn't really a great blogger for a couple of months, but this year I'm planning to change that. I have a lot of material to talk about, I'm planning to open a few new sections and I've bought and get a lot of new stuff that I want to show you. Stay tuned loves! :*

I've already prepared some new posts (instaheart of every month, baking in December, my New year's outfit and more... so STAY TUNED! :)

How do you like my new ring and earrings?